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Professional  |  Dedicated  |  Revolutionary

Our dedicated team is passionate about revolutionizing the industry with our high-quality, carefully curated products. Our knowledgeable growers and cutting-edge inventory provide an enjoyable and informative experience. We are committed to responsible and sustainable practices, and are honoured to be your trusted source for all your cannabis needs.

Our Story

TADU has a strong team with different areas of expertise to support their operations. The growing Team would be responsible for cultivating and harvesting the cannabis plants, while the Processing Team would focus on hang drying, cold curing and hand trimming. The Business Development Team would work on identifying market opportunities, developing business strategies, and building relationships with potential clients and partners. The Regulation Compliant Team would ensure that TADU complies with all regulations and guidelines set by Health Canada, and that all products meet the necessary safety and quality standards. Finally, the Research and Development Team would be responsible for developing and testing new products, as well as conducting research on the benefits and effects of cannabis in traditional medicine. Overall, having a diverse and experienced team can help TADU in achieving our goals and delivering high-quality products to our customers. 

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