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Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

TADU strives to deliver orders as quickly as possible but acknowledges that there may be unforeseen circumstances that may cause delays. Compensation for late deliveries is not guaranteed but may be offered by TADU's management team. It's important to note that any compensation offered may be limited time and subject to change.


TADU also takes measures to ensure that packages are discreetly packaged and without any markings that indicate the contents or the company that shipped the order. In the event that a product is damaged, TADU requests that the customer report the issue within 7 days, and a credit or replacement product will be offered based on the management team's review.

It's important to note that TADU reserves the right to determine the appropriate compensation (credit or replacement) on a case-by-case basis. TADU may offer the option to return an order in the rare event that a customer is unhappy with their purchase, but the customer is responsible for return shipping costs unless the product was defective or the order was incorrect.

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